Market uncertainty often makes investors unsure about whether to invest now or wait until things have settled down.

The ISA Cash Park is a facility that allows you to hold your Equity ISA in cash, temporarily, until you are ready to invest.

There is no initial charge for using this facility and it is easy to switch money into funds when you are ready to invest. You can do this online, in writing or over the phone. Please note that switching charges may apply at this point.

The ISA Cash Park is likely to appeal if you:

  • are seeking temporary shelter from stock-market exposure and don’t want to lose your annual allowance.
  • want to make full use of your stocks and shares ISA allowance without immediately committing your money to equity or bond markets.
  • may prefer to shift some of your ISA investments into cash temporarily during times of market uncertainty, even though research shows you will usually be better off if you avoid making short-term changes to long-term investments

How to use the ISA Cash Park facility

  • Website – you can invest in the ISA Cash Park on Fidelity FundsNetwork.
  • Phone – call a member of the team on 0800 294 7221, and they can set up the Cash Park for you.

Cofunds also offer a “Cash Reserve” which is a similar facility for clients who prefer to invest on the Cofunds platform. Please call us for more information.