Re-registering your funds onto a platform can make your investments easier to manage.

Keeping your investment funds and Equity ISAs with different providers may appear to be the right thing to do in order to reduce risk. In reality all you are doing is making your investments harder to manage and creating a lot of work for yourself.

By re-registering your funds onto a fund platform through TQ Invest, you can make managing your investments simple, whilst keeping the protection your money has with different providers.

Re-registration may seem complicated but in fact it is quite simple and well worth the effort. When you re-register, you are simply ‘pooling’ the administration of your investments in one place; your money stays with the fund provider. Once you have re-registered, you can experience the benefits of being able to manage your investments in one place.


Receiving statements from your different fund providers can be hard to manage, especially if they come at different times of the year. By re-registering your investments you can see the value of your investment funds in one place, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also receive a single statement for your investments. Our aim is to make it easier for you to know the value of your investment portfolio.


Re-registration makes managing your investments simple. As well as access to the value of your investments any time you like, you can also switch between funds easily and for very little cost, enabling you to make sure your investments are performing as well as they can be.


Managing your investments on a platform gives you access to over 1,000 funds from more than 50 fund providers. So whether you are switching funds for better performance, or looking to make a new investment, there is plenty of choice to find the right fund from. And don’t forget, as a client of TQ Invest you will benefit from our outstanding discounts, which could save you £100s in charges.

We also offer a choice of fund platforms; so you can choose Fidelity’s FundsNetwork or Cofunds’ platforms.

What to do next

To take advantage of the benefits of being able to manage your investments from one place, simply call the TQ Invest Team on 0800 294 7221 and they will be glad to help.